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Cathy Boyd Fine Art




Why do you use pastels?

I like to use pastels for a variety of reasons. They are very forgiving and adjustments and corrections are easily achieved with them. They are “immediate”, ie-they are the next best thing to using your fingers to paint with. They are like a “drawing” tool. They are portable, for on-site painting. They are versatile in their effect; they can either be bold as oil paints, or as subtle as a watercolor. They can be used to create either a “painting”, or a “drawing” or a simple sketch. They are durable, and just look at the works of Degas as testimonial to their longevity. Most importantly, I can create a painting in a relatively short period of time; no waiting on materials to dry. I like to paint “up a storm”, and have several paintings on the go at any point in time. I especially love their refractive quality. It seems as if there is an underlying softness, and translucency about them that I enjoy. Also, the myriad of colors available will excite the most reluctant artist to get going! No mixing, no preparation, just dive in!!

Where do you get your inspiration from?

Most of my impetus to paint comes about when I am out driving around doing my other job: real estate. I always have my camera in the vehicle, and when a compelling scene presents itself to me, I will stop to take a photo with my digital camera. I have come to appreciate just what unusual lighting will do to an otherwise mediocre subject, and I mentally plan what my next painting might be composed of, spurred on by the sight that I have just witnessed. I find I don’t have to travel very far to find some great ideas. Look up, and look down, and see what you might have overlooked in your hurry! Along with the rural sights that have been of importance to me, there are always the trips up north to my Mother’s cottage, in the Pickerel River system, near Port Loring, Ontario. I love the rock formations on the lake, and the water is superb! Georgian Bay also is a favorite location for me. I have the opportunity of visiting the most gorgeous locales in my art/real estate world, and I hope that you can revel in their beauty with me.

Have you taken formal art education?

I wish that I had taken some formal art education when I was younger, but I really wasn’t aware that I had some artistic inclinations. I never excelled in art in high school so I was unprepared when asked to take an art class as a condition of getting my first teaching assignment. To my surprise, not only did I enjoy taking those classes, but my instructors encouraged me to keep going, and after my daughter was grown, I began to take my art seriously. I think the turning point for me, was just getting my head around to thinking of myself as an “artist.” We truly do stand in our way of becoming what we aspire to achieve. I’ve realized that if you don’t think of yourself as an artist, who else will? I have been painting seriously now for 10 years, and my goal of improving will never be completed. Now, that is just how it should be…

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