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                                                Cathy Boyd Fine CathyArt


 "Painting Visual Namaste"

Painting, for me, is a means of universally communicating the idea of “namaste”, a Sanskrit word which is a reverent greeting. Many of you are already familiar with this word if you take yoga. It is also accompanied by a gesture of hands meeting at your core.  Loosely translated it means, “I greet that place where you and I are one”, or “I bow to the divine in you.” “The light in me recognizes the light in you” is my favorite translation, because as an artist we seek the light, and the presence or absence of it creates the very forms we paint.

I paint to music, usually very quickly, and with minimum pre-planning. I like to think I paint intuitively and if not a lot of preplanning is a negative thing, then so be it.  I choose my subjects with ease, and I have never had an “artist’s block”.  I usually have 4-6 paintings underway because I love the beginning of the process so much. I have a lifetime of images to work with and I get excited on seeing a blank canvas in front of me because it has the potential of becoming a great painting, or at least a pleasurable experience for me.

 I consider myself to be a “visual historian” of sorts. I think that I am a “keeper of the moments in time of the subject that I have chosen to paint."  Once, having just completed a painting of an old, abandoned log barn, I returned to the location not long after and to my surprise it had been bulldozed to the ground and a new bungalow stood in its place.  I had captured that memory for what I hope will be a long time.

 I don’t have any political statements to paint, but most likely environmental issues are at the root of my paintings.  There is some suggestion of symbolism in what I choose to paint. Flowers, grasses, beautiful shorelines and wonderful skies are all representative of the fragile nature of our world. . Hence my upcoming solo shows will be paintings of the theme, “Of a Delicate Nature”.  My rocks are symbols of the steadfastness and tenacious spirit of the Canadian people, and so “Rocks in my Head” is another theme.  A third occurring theme will be “Ordinary Miracles”.  “Sailing the Blues” is a collection of nautical paintings, and a celebration of the color blue. 

 I find it relatively easy to sell my work, and oftentimes people ask me, “how can you bear to let your paintings go?”  But truthfully I would not paint if I could not sell, because selling my paintings validates why I am an artist, and that is the best compliment you can receive.  My paintings will often invoke comments such as, “Your painting makes me feel so calm, so peaceful.”  A hint of a smile on their face is enough to make it all worthwhile.

 Hope to make you happy for a few moments.  Enjoy! 



Biographical Sketch    (1951-           )    Born- Barrie, On.

I am mostly self-taught and have been painting steadily for 7-8 years.  I began painting when my first teaching position required me to teach art on a rotary basis in the elementary school system. A crash course in fine art that summer at teacher’s college led to a steadily increasing interest in painting. I took further art classes at;  Haliburton School of Fine Arts, Georgian College (Ongoing Education Courses) Wilfred Laurier University and instruction with some notable artists.  Most of my work is currently offered for sale at several art galleries throughout Ontario.  I offer art instruction periodically in the Barrie, Midland and Orillia area. 

Gallery Representation/Exhibitions/Competitions

                                               Agora Gallery, Chelsea, New York City

                                      Eclipse Art Gallery, Huntsville, On.

                                      For the Love of Art, Port Carling, On. (defunct)

                                      The Art of the Matter, Aurora, On.


                    2008-Beyond Borders-Agora Gallery, New York City -Showcasing fine art from selected Canadian Artists

                2008-Art Walk at the Harbour, Victoria Harbour, On.


                      2006-Group show, Deerhurst Resort                                                                                                     

                      2006-Participating artist, "Coldwater and Area Studio Tour"

  2006-Solo show, "Right Side Gallery", Penetang, On.

  2006-Buckhorn Fine Art Festival-juried show

  2006-Featured Artist, "Coldwater Gallery", Coldwater, On.

                                          2005-Commissioned to paint 18 paintings for  private collection

                                          2005-Buckhorn Fine Art Festival-juried show

                                          2005-Featured artist at, "For the Love of Art"-Port Carling, On.

                                          2005-Participating artist, "Coldwater and Area Studio Tour"

                                2004-15-20 paintings commissioned by a local collector for  collection

                                2004-Feature artist, "Abbott's of Craighurst," Craighurst, On.

                                          2003-Huronia Museum, Midland, Open Competition, "2nd Place"

                                          2002-Huronia Museum, Midland, Open Competition

                                          2001-Group Show, Barrie City Hall

                                          2001-Solo Show, Huronia Museum, Midland, On.

                                          2000-Solo Show-Barrie City Hall Rotunda, Barrie, On.,

                                          2000-Juried Exhibition-"Purely Pastel" Pastel Association of Ontario,

                                                   Etobicoke Civic Centre Art Gallery

                                          1999-Juried Competition- "Paint the Huron Shores"

                                          1999-Juried Competition-Collingwood Art Association

                                          1999-Juried Competition-Barrie Art Club,

                                                    Members Annual Competition, McLaren Art Gallery, Barrie

                                          1999-Juried Competition-Strathmore Papers Illustration Contest-

                                                  "Honorable Mention"

                                          1998-Juried Exhibition-Penetang Centennial Museum, 2nd Place

                                          1998-Sutton, On.- Juried Competition,

                                          1998-Juried Exhibition-Wye Marsh Wildlife Festival,                                                                                                                                                                   July 30, 2011

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